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Nov 02 2021 CAT 1

Dura-room is an innovative pod system creating the most stunning, beautifully crafted garden rooms. Whether it’s somewhere to work, or a place to relax and get away, Dura-Room is the versatile way to  ... Read full story

Dura-Room Launched
Nov 05 2020 CAT 1

With the temperatures starting to fall, homeowners across the UK begin ramping up their central heating systems in a bid to make the cold winter months more comfortable and their homes nice and cosy.  ... Read full story

Reducing condensation on windows and doors
Nov 05 2020 CAT 1

As home heating bills continue to rise and homeowners are looking at ways to reduce their home energy loss, triple glazing has become an increasingly popular solution for many. - It's perhaps not surp ... Read full story

What are the benefits of triple glazing?
Mar 18 2020 CAT 1

You’ll experience a huge difference when you install double glazed windows in your home. You’ll find that traffic noise is greatly reduced and even if you live close to an airport or train station, yo ... Read full story

Will double glazing reduce noise from outside?