PVCu Bi-fold Doors

The innovative and visually stunning PVCu bi-folding door offers homeowners a wealth of design options and versatility, allowing maximum light and access to the home. Bi-fold doors are an increasingly popular option for consumers looking to replace existing patio or French doors and hoping to ‘open up’ their living space. Doors can be fully or partially opened or fully closed via concertina folds depending on the amount of space that’s available. Once fully opened, the doors neatly stack creating valuable new space and an ‘open plan’ living area.

All our bi-fold doors have been thoughtfully designed with slim contemporary lines and hidden gearing. Sophisticated hardware has never looked so sleek and stylish. It’s not just about beauty. The PVCu bi-fold doors utilise industry leading technology that delivers the absolute cutting edge in looks, weathering, and security. Our bi-fold doors are the full package – excellence both inside and out.


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PVCu bi-fold