Dura-Room Launched

November 2 2021

For homeowners, the addition of a conservatory, summer house or garden room is the perfect way to create extra living space, while simultaneously adding value to a property. For many though, cost, logistics, planning permission or all three make these options unfeasible.

Dura-Room is the genius solution to these obstacles.

What Is Dura-Room?

Dura-room is an innovative pod system creating the most stunning, beautifully crafted garden rooms. Whether it’s somewhere to work, or a place to relax and get away, Dura-Room is the versatile way to expand your home with all year-round extra living space.

Why Choose Dura-Room?

With a bespoke service offering a range of sizes, window & door configurations, cladding options and window finishes, Dura-Room can perfectly match your space and needs. And with our unique prefabricated pod system, Dura-Room provides a quick and stress-free build, with no waste materials. This means lower costs on labour and less disruption to your garden.

Garden rooms like Dura-Room don’t typically require planning permission, making them one of the more hassle free methods of creating extra living space.

Not only is Dura-Room convenient and cost effective, but it’s also exceptionally high quality. All our garden rooms are made from a robust, solid timber structure and contain a multi foil honeycomb insulation for maximum thermal efficiency. Plus, our products are manufactured in the UK to ensure ultimate quality control and come with a ten year warranty for added peace of mind.

A Great Choice Today And In Years To Come…

Dura-Room’s PVC cladding takes out all the treatment and maintenance associated with traditional wood garden rooms. And with a choice of colours available, you can sit back and relax from the moment its built.

Not only is Dura-Room a low-cost option upfront, but it continues to offer savings in years to come. Its highly efficient insulation reduces energy costs by regulating temperature in all seasons.

Green Credentials

Just as creating the highest quality product is important to us, so too is the environment. With that in mind, we strive to source our materials in the most ethical and environmentally friendly ways we can.

All timbers in our suppliers production process are sourced from companies involved in using timber from replenishable forest programmes, where three trees are re-planted for every one used. Harvesting and replanting forests sustainably, keeps the tree stock young and growing, which maximises the capture of carbon.

The energy used to harvest, process and deliver the timber for our roofs is extremely low. This reduces the typical embodied carbon footprint of a timber structure. Our supplier uses a state of the art wood burner, with an emissions regulator to produce energy for the factory (hot water and heating).

Before felling any trees, our timber supplier will assess the area and identify zones that should be left alone to ensure that wildlife can continue to flourish.

We use recycled materials in the production of our products and our production waste such as wood shavings and sawn timber are reused by others.

There is no construction material available that offers more environmental benefits than timber does. Renewable, non-toxic, recyclable, bio-degradable and forests absorb CO2.

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